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Private Instruction

Course Fee, plus additional $75.00 per person ($0.50 per mile round trip if class will be conducted at your home, and your home is located outside of the Coachella Valley.)

Private instruction for the classroom portion of the Intrduction to Handguns, NRA Women On Target and the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Course - Instructor Led, can be scheduled at your home or at our location. If  instruction is to be conducted at your home, no live ammo will be brought into your home and we will provide all materials needed for the class. Private instruction will allow one-on-one focus and the pace will be established at your comfort level. The goal is to provide a comfortable environment for you to learn firearms safety and marksmanship without the distraction and other impediments associated with classroom mode of learning.

Live fire exercises will be conducted at a range or public shooting area.

Deposit Now – Balance Due On-site
$75.00 each student – non refundable, balance due at the time of the class. 
Cash, check, or debit accepted in class.


To pay in cash:

Make Check Payable to Minx Enterprises and mail to:

Minx Enterprises Inc/Ghost Arms 

49191 Douglas Street, Indio, CA 92201

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