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Introduction To Steel Challenge Competition

$35 each participant



Participants must be able to demonstrate safe firearm handling and knowledge of basic marksmanship skills. This course is not designed to teach basic marksmanship skills and no marksmanship training is included in this course. This introduction to Steel Challenge competition is for individuals who have NOT participated in Steel Challenge competitions.

Equipment Requirements:

Any of the following handguns:

     Rim Fire revolver or semi-automatic pistol in  .22 Long Rifle 

     Center Fire revolver or semi-automatic pistol in 9mm through .45 ACP

Any of the following rifles or pistol caliber carbines:

     Rim fire rifle in .22 Long Rifle

     Pistol caliber carbine in 9mm through .45 ACP

Holster, case or bag for each firearm

Minimum of 2 magazines/speed loaders - maximum of 5 magazines/speed loaders for each firearm (5 magazines/speed loaders means less reloading and more shooting)

Ammunition for each firearm - the more ammunition the more shooting

Hearing and eye protection.

Length: 4 hours


Participants will become acquainted with the rules and format of Steel Challenge competition and practice the skills needed to participate in a Steel Challenge competition.  The Introduction to Steel Challenge Competition will reinforce safe firearm handling and improve rapid target acquisition and marksmanship skills. Participants will NOT be presenting firearms from the holster.

This course is conducted at an outdoor shooting area, please dress appropriately, closed toed shoes, long pants, high neck shirt and hat are recommended. There are no seating  or restroom facilities so please plan accordingly.

Course Outline:

Range Rules - Participants MUST BE PRESENT for this part of the course to participate

Competitive Divisions



Stage Position/Range Commands


Live Fire Practice

Full Payment 
$35 each participant - non-refundable.

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